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ACH Payroll Services

CNB's payroll service, within Full-Service Business eBanking, allows any business customer the ability to originate electronic transactions to any bank nationwide, to direct deposit payroll checks.

Payroll services include:

  • The benefits to businesses for using Direct Deposit of Payroll are:

    • Reduced costs
      • Fewer checks to buy
      • Reduced check distribution costs
    • Increased efficiency
      • Reduced time to print and sign checks
      • Easier and quicker check disbursement
      • Greatly simplified account reconcilement
      • Reduced storage space for canceled checks
      • Elimination of lost/stolen paycheck problems
      • Fewer incorrect pay amounts from typing checks
      • Easier payroll research
    • Increased employee benefits
      • No more cashing payroll checks
      • More confidential means of receiving payroll
      • Elimination of payroll problems for sick or vacationing employees
      • Earlier availability of funds without having to make a trip to the bank
  • The employee who has or opens an account with us for their payroll direct deposit from a business using CNB's payroll services will receive the following benefits:

    • Top-Of-The-Line Free Interest Checking
    • First order of 150 safety paper wallet style checks at no charge
    • No-fee Check Card when making unlimited deposits and withdrawals at any CNB ATM
    • Automatic transfer of your deposit into any combination of a checking, savings, All Purpose Club, or IRA accounts
    • Visa® Gold Reward credit card available with no annual fee  (based upon credit approval)
    • Rate reduction off the current interest rate on certain consumer loans with automatic payment (based upon credit approval)
  • Electronic billing is rapidly becoming the method of choice for paying such recurring obligations as utilities, insurance debits, loans and club dues. Our direct payment services will allow you to:

    • Reduce costs
      • Reduce billing costs
      • Lower bank charges for ACH (Automated Clearing House) items
    • Improve cash flow
      • Know in advance all funds deposited to the account on the due date, as well as the amount of the credit
    • Increase efficiency
      • Reduce invoice creation time
      • Reduce the number of incoming checks to process
      • Improve accuracy over customer-written checks
      • Simplify research due to entire payment process initiated internally
      • Have easier handling of returned items
    • Increase customer service
      • Eliminate writing and mailing of checks
      • Eliminate worries about late payments
      • Pay bills more confidentially
      • Bank statements will show description of payment
      • Eliminate check and postage fees
    • Improve marketing capability
      • Helps create a progressive image thereby increasing your ability to attract and retain employees
    • Improve delinquency ratio
      • Eliminates receiving checks after due date and second billing notices
  • Businesses can use this service to move money between their accounts at various institutions. This can also be utilized to collect or make payments to vendors.

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