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Consumer Alert: Fraudulent Requests for Personal Information Pertaining to Your Visa Account

Several local consumers have reported fraudulent emails that they received that were supposedly from Visa. These emails request that you "Reactivate your card" or that you are required to sign up for "Verified by Visa" by a certain date or you will no longer be able to make online purchases.

If the recipient would respond to the message by clicking on the link provided it would take them to a fraudulent website that resembles an authentic Visa site. Any information provided by the cardholder would then be sent to the people committing this fraud and unauthorized charges would begin appearing on the compromised card.

The key things that distinguish these emails as fraudulent are

  • Visa never requests personal information via email.
  • The submission form requests things that Visa does not ask for or would not need to ask for such as the customer’s PIN.
  • There are grammatical errors in the message.
  • The messages are addressed generically such as "Dear Cardholder". Authentic messages from Visa would be personalized with the recipient’s name.

Be careful if you receive such a message. Do not respond.

For more information, you may visit the Visa website at

If you would like to receive messages such as this one via email in the future, please subscribe for email messages at


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