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Fraudulent Automated Phone Calls

April 21, 2011
In the past 24 hours CNB has heard from a number of consumers in the St. Mary's and Johnsonburg areas that have received strange automated phone calls in the late evening. The calls advise them that their ATM card has been deactivated and asks them to punch in their ATM card number on the keypad of their phone to reactivate it.

These calls are from phone numbers originating out of California. After reading the complaints associated with the phone numbers, it appears that the people who are doing this obtain a block of phone numbers in a region and set up an automated dialer to Phish for ATM card numbers.

Many times they will associate the name of a local bank with the message on the assumption that this may give the message more credibility even though they have no idea whether or not the people they are calling actually have accounts with that bank.

Unless you have entered information about your card, rest assured these individuals do not have your account numbers. It is always a good practice to monitor your account activity via online banking or ServiceCall and to look at your statements closely and make sure that all of the transactions are legitimate and authorized. Notify us right away if you have any questionable transactions.

If you have entered your number in response to the call, please contact your bank to close the card and order a new one.


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